Last resort debugging

September 4, 2009

When all else fails, I use The Scientific Method:

  1. comment out half the code
  2. see if I still get the bug
  3. if no then uncomment half the commented-out code and go to step 2
  4. if yes then comment out half the un-commented-out code and go to step 2

It’s fairly rare I need to do this in php, but currently hacking in vbscript which I don’t know at all …


3 Responses to “Last resort debugging”

  1. Kae Verens Says:

    you could probably also name this the “binary search” method, as each test cuts the search rows in half.

    • cormacscode Says:

      Actually, that’s a better name – The Scientific Method implies forming a hypothesis and then testing it, doesn’t it? More or less the exact opposite of this, which I use when I’ve totally run out of hypotheses

  2. I put into practice the method i think i got good name to this method.

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