javascript not working in Firefox

July 25, 2008

Working on a page with lots of ajax and javascript and it just stopped working. Nothing worked, not even alerts. Eventually I went to close firefox and open it again, and when I did it told me there was a firefox process still running and I had to close it before starting FF again, so I went into the task manager and did and it worked fine from then on.

What happened was I had had an infinite loop in my javascript code while working on it, and it seems that kept running away in the background and stopping ff running any more javascript.


3 Responses to “javascript not working in Firefox”

  1. pissed off Says:

    I initially thanked you for this comment it helped !

    But now i am just irritated having to type this twice, because for some reason your wp did not like my initial email address (not this one) adn instead of just showing me an error, dumps me on another page says my email is wrong (not why) and then what i had typed is all missing !

    This is a good way to not encorage posting

    • cormacscode Says:

      Sorry dude 😦 This blog is just a free hosted package running on the wordpress server, so there’s nothing I can really do about any errors

  2. Sammi Sanders Says:

    Wow, tough crowd.

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