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Trying out elgg

October 30, 2007

Today I’m starting a coding blog and trying out elgg for a client’s site. What the elgg-based system system needs is this:

  • no self-registration, all user administration by an administrator
  • image gallery
  • upload documents
  • forum
  • user can register to receive alerts about updates to blogs (“news” in particular)

Also I need to be able to change the fields in a user’s profile – add a few, remove a few – and it needs to have a reasonably easy upgrade path, I don’t want to be hacking core code and making it impossible for myself to apply security updates. And, oh yeah, it has to be easy to re-skin.

So, let’s see how it goes. Initial experiences – installing it first on my local machine, the easy-install script is written for linux rather than windows it seems, it’s forcing me to put “/” (rather than “”) at the end of my file paths